Our Story

Our epic journey began in the early summer of 2017. Friends, JP Normand and Gord Jones decided that they wanted a unique outdoor wood fired pizza oven in their own backyards. Multiple ideas were researched on different ways to make an oven; from using a makeshift steel ring, to building an oven out of old steel barrels.
After concluding our research we decided on designing our own outdoor wood fired oven from scratch. Using our knowledge of different metals, production planning, and SOLIDWORKS; collectively, we set out to design something that had never been done before; a flat-packed, easy shipping, no tool assembly outdoor wood fired oven. The design evolved quickly over 4 prototypes in late 2017. Early 2018, our team fine tuned the design and features. Testing the oven through our Canadian winter months in temperatures as low as -20C; proved that we had a winner.
Friends and family alike decided that it was so innovative they wanted one for their own backyards. The ground-breaking design would eventually lead to an international patent application for 19 novel and innovative design features. Upon review of our application in 2019; all 19 features were accepted.
The Big Bro™ and The Original Bro™ both share the Integrated Tab-Lock Technology™, which makes our outdoor wood fired oven an easy assembly without tools. The Oven Brothers have many more ideas in mind when it comes to your backyard. New products will come out in months to come to complete your collection of Oven Brothers outdoor products. The Oven Brothers believe that it really is “From our family’s backyard to yours!”
The Oven Brothers